MS Turn 2.0
Free Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis) for Microstation

MSTurn is an out of process software and supports Microstation (V8, V8i, Connect)

Vehicle Turning Simulation (Swept path analysis). Build your own vehicles and do analysis in the drawing

Sample of drawing output.

If you are using AutoCAD you will find the Vehicle Turning and much more in CadTools. The Vehicle Turning is also available as a freeware for Bricscad V10. BricsTurn

Download (ca 1,4 Mb), Last updated 2021-11-05 Build 2.1.7

Download Default Vehicle library (includes booth Sweden and AASHTO)
Download Default Vehicle library (AASHTO only)

Version 2.1.7
Fixed bug if active level use custom color.
Fixed bug, after executing buttons moved to the right ;)

Revision history

Version 2.1.6
Fixed settings for Vehicle body (color and lineweight)

Version 2.1.5
Fixed default vehicle library values for AASHTO. Added a separate file for AASHTO vihicles.

Version 2.1.4
Enhanced Swept Envelope to include widest part of wheel or body.

What's new in version 2.1.3 ?
Added option to save images of vehicles to database

version 2.1.1
Changed Vehicle files location to users Documents folder due administration rights.

Fixed problems with DGN colors selector DLL